Mobile Culture Online Course how to create, conduct and promote engaging and inclusive cultural activities for adults

Looking to enhace your digital skills for creating engaging and inclusive cultural activities? Seeking audience engagement inspiration for your institution? Want to stay updated on the latest cultural animation knowledge? Ready to create meaningful cultural experiences with a more inclusive approach?

Our self-paced, free course is perfect for cultural animators, educators, and GLAM representatives who want to upgrade their digital competencies, skills, and knowledge. With real-life examples and tips from experienced innovators, we provide verified digital tools, ready-to-use materials, templates, articles, exercises, and videos. Our course helps you design, plan, and conduct innovative cultural activities for adults, especially those from underrepresented groups or regions at risk of digital exclusion. Upgrade your skills and enroll in our innovative learning experience today!

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The course will be available in 5 languages: English, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Greek.

This course is for you if

you are a cultural animator passionate about creating and conducting engaging online cultural activities for adults,

you are a GLAM representative who looks for inspiration or wants to keep up with new trends.

you wish to experiment more with new technologies (AI, VR, AR) and free digital tools,

you work in small to medium-sized institutions and want to create memorable experiences for your audience without investing many resources.

you work with marginalised adult groups such as seniors, LGBTQ+, the unemployed, and people with disabilities and want to make a difference.

About the course

As cultural animators and educators, we face the challenge of engaging audiences in today’s tech-dominated world. Mobile Culture Online Course offers GLAM sector representatives three modules focused on designing, conducting, and promoting cultural activities to address this issue.

  • Module 1 explores new technologies and digital tools that enhance participant engagement and creativity.
  • Module 2 presents user-friendly and inclusive cultural activity methodologies suitable for online, offline, or hybrid settings.
  • Module 3 focuses on the effective promotion of cultural activities using new technologies such as AI.

The self-paced course is flexible and can be tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences. It requires no prior knowledge or experience, making it accessible to anyone interested in upgrading their skills and knowledge.
Estimated time commitment is 2-3 hours per module

Topics covered

The course also covers universal design and inclusivity, participatory approaches, co-creation, creativity, and trends in new technologies and phygital experiences. Our recommendations are based on extensive research involving twenty European cultural institutions and twelve expert interviews.

Join us to explore new methods, techniques, tricks, and tools to enhance cultural activities!


Mobile Culture Online Course results from collaborative learning between four partner organisations in Poland, Greece, Spain, and Italy, developed under the Erasmus+ program. Learn more at:

Why join the course?

  • Latest cultural animation knowledge
  • Real-life examples and transferability tips
  • Tips & tricks from experienced animators and educators
  • Verified free digital tools for engagement and creativity
  • Ready-to-use materials, templates, exercises, and videos
  • Bespoke, non-generic content for animators and educators
  • Access to a passionate community of GLAM reps


  • 100% free online course
  • Receive a certificate of completion for each module
  • Boost your confidence and creativity
  • Gain new inspirations for your work
  • Access to templates for designing, conducting, and promoting cultural activities
  • Network with GLAM sector representatives across Europe

Course team

Sylwia Zółkiewska portrait

Sylwia Żółkiewska

course Creative Producer and Content Designer

Noemi Gryczko portrait

Noemi Gryczko

course Learning Experience Designer

Paulina Jędrzejewska portrait

Paulina Jędrzejewska

course Co-Producer and Consultant

Content contributors:

Sylwia Żółkiewska, Olga Perzyna (CultureShock Foundation), Oksana Shamonova, Miguel Caneda (ClickTick), Martina Tonarelli, Carlotta Pavese (Escape4Change), Nikos Apostolidis, Giannis Parastatidis (Roes Cooperativa).


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